All Souls Welcome!

Here at Flourish you will find an incredible array of healing techniques, from the visual and performing arts, to Energetic and Spiritual work. All individuals are welcome to enjoy and express themselves in a loving and accepting community.

Some ongoing events include:
*Wellness Salon- A sampling of Healing Modalities
*Mystical Soiree- Many practitioners versed in things such as Tarot Readings, Aura Readings, Plant Essence and more
*Cafe and Performers showcase- Eat, Drink, and enjoy some entertainment from Local People, Artists, and Musicians, you can even sign up and show us your talents!
*Yoga & Meditation By Everett
*Belly Dancing                                                                                                                                                      *Music Shindigs

We also invite everyone to different classes and workshops that are ever changing and alternating, such as Drumming Classes, Musical Plays Like Moon Dance that is a favorite among many and happens Every Year!

And if you can’t make it for an event, stop in at your leisure during store hours to view the many treasures we sell! Enjoy a cup of tea, talk about various subjects with one of our friendly faces, treat yourself to local, Handmade items, Art, Stones, art, Essential oils, and many many more things!

We look forward to inviting you into our home and you joining our family of healers, and friends! Everyone Transcends Here!