Upcoming Happenings

Upcoming Happenings


Enjoy an intimate evening with experimental soul singer/songwriter Renee Dion in the special listening room that is Flourish.

Renee is on her national tour of her new album HAVEN – an intimate view into the space of a woman rediscovering herself.

“Dion gathers the emotions closest to the heart and combines them with snapshots of intimate moments. In doing so, she delivers a beautiful mosaic made of the most complex and varied parts of love”.

Renee has crafted a delicate safe space of honest music creating a home within her lyrics and detailing patience through some of life’s harsh and gorgeous transitions as Gods child a woman and an artist.

Tix on sale at Flourish – $10

 New in the ART Gallery 

Flourish will feature the art of Larissa Davis for the month of June

In August of 2016 I recognized that fear was running my life. My soul and intuition were a distant whisper. Intellect, reason, my left brain, had been in the driver’s seat for years and the results were not good.

The spark that ignited this introspection was the departure of my 16 year old son for college. He had decided to go to early college and this shook my world. I became accutely aware that I was not finding that illusive happiness and sense of purpose we all seek. So I made a pledge not to make any major decisions until I was unified. And I set about listening, watching, and waiting for my soul to speak.

During this time of introspection I allowed myself to think and dream and imagine. There was a lot of soul searching, and there were tears. But once I began to imagine what could be, instead of focusing on what ‘should’ or ‘had to’ be, or more often, what was “impossible”, I was able to envision myself doing something that brought me joy and was driven by passion and creativity. But it was not until we turned the corner into 2017 that I began to get a much clearer picture of what this all meant.

In January 2017 I had a dream that called me to awaken my artistic self. It showed me art was a pathway to knowing and healing myself, and creating my future. After 20 years in graphic design I had found my passion and I decided to let it lead the way. At an art retreat with some friends in February, creativity rushed in, filling me with inspiration. I was up for hours working on the art project I had started. I simultaneously discovered my deep desire to help share what I was learning with others and to create in community.

As the winter turned to spring, my desire to create this thing was immense. It consumed me and at times was almost overwhelming. I was reading a ton of books (Big Magic of course, but also Dying to Be Me, Steering By Starlight, and a handful of books on art therapy.)  I knew that creating it, bringing this dream into being, would take strength and resolve I had never tapped into before. The intensity of my desire was powerful and painful at once. It often brought me to tears. I recall talking with family and friends about it. “Well” they said, with the kindest of intentions, “even if it doesn’t work out, you will always have your art.”

💢 Expressive Drawing & Acrylic Painting
Classes for Adults 💢 💢

⚡⚡ Art classes that emphasize the process of creating, and the nurturing of each individual’s  innate creativity! ⚡⚡

💢 💢 Experience not needed!

🍷 🍺  Drawing & Painting workshops 🍷 🍺

💫 💫 Wednesdays 8- 10 PM

$120 for 6 classes or $25 per class
(materials available for additional fee)

💢 💢 Pre-registration required
To register call 508-728-4984 and  for additional info

✨ ✨ Led by Maribeth Amber
(Attended Hartwick College, Oneonta, NY, The Art Institute of Boston, MA, Tyler School of Art, Rome, Italy, with a B.A. from Framingham State University, Framingham MA with a Major in Art/Minor in Education, and with 22 years of experience teaching art in both public and private settings.) ✨

Tuesday Tea & Talk with Roberta

Join Roberta  for a lively conversation about the energies associated with the elements

Tuesdays   $7. per week for tea and a Gathering of Souls

Are you looking to connect with likeminded people.  Are you curious about the synchronicity of events occurring in your life?  Enjoy a cup of fabulous tea and have a conversation!

Roberta is a lifelong spiritual learning, Reiki Master, Intuitive and Coach.  In expanding her gifts and talents she has found a passion in sharing her knowledge and experience with others to assist them with their life journeys.

To register email flourishmaine@gmail.com





  • Belly Dancing Class!

    Led by Joie Grandbois

    Wednesdays  6:30- 7:30 PM

    Cost: $15 drop in/$60 full session

    Special: Attend the free intro class and save $10 off the full session cost if you register that night!*

    Learn the expressive and beautiful art of belly dance in this six week beginner belly dance class. You’ll learn the foundational movements of the dance, and be introduced to the music and rhythms that surround this beautiful dance form. You’ll learn how to combine the movements to create improvised, flowing dances. Whether you want to dance on the stage or in your own living room, this class will give you a great start.

    Joie teaches dance from an embodiment perspective, students will learn not only how a movement should look, but how it feels in the body. She seeks to create a safe and welcoming space for student to explore movement and dance. Classes are conducted to live music.

    Belly dance is suitable for all body types and the class is open to all genders. No prior dance experience is required.

    You will want to bring clothing that is comfortable to move in (layers are wonderful), a water bottle, and a willingness to learn!

  • Joie is a dancer, choreographer, musician, writer…storyteller. A lifelong dancer she has spent the past decade studying and teaching belly dance. She a practitioner of Contemplative Dance & Authentic Movement and uses the techniques from this practice to teach embodiment movement artists and any seeking to reconnect to the wisdom of the body.

    She is the founder and director of the interdisciplinary variety who performance troupe Dark Follies which formed in 2008. She teaches and performs around New England with Dark Follies and as a solo artist.

    Joie is also an experienced reader and teacher of Tarot which she has studied for over 30 years.


 Flourish Open Mic

First Thursday of each month

July 7th ,  2018 from 7-10 PM

Talent showcase begins Flourish-Arts as Sacred Healing!
All genres – music, acting monologues/scenes, comedy, song, spoken!
Shine at Flourish!

We have another special appearance this week- Larissa Davis of Soul Path Art painting Live, ( you may join her in this interactive art canvas).

Pre – reg by messaging us at Flourish or sign – up begins at 6:45


Reiki Share- Last Thursday of each month

A community share for Reiki Healers from around the area,

Take time from a busy month, receive and give!

Join us in making a beacon of light in Biddeford Maine

Evolve In Your Energy-Beth Newman@evolveinyourenergy

June 28th

6-8 PM

$5. suggested donation



$45.  Includes materials

Beverages and light snacks available






 Flourish Healing Salon



An evening of mini healing sessions 

🌀 Tune In, Turn On, Heal Out! 🌀

💢 Thursday Evening ,  June 14   6:30 pm – 9:00 pm 💢

New to our Healing Salon this month- Nikki and Brent of Feline Dreambers will offer a Nurturing Wellness guided meditation at 6:30 to get everyone into a receptive state.

 Guided meditation allows you to tap directly into your inner source, which begins the process of healing. This will augment your ability to receive further guidance and support from our practitioners. After the meditation, those who wish can join us for a group drum circle honoring the New Moon in Gemini. Drums and percussion instruments will be provided, or you can bring your own favorites.

Nikki Starcat Shields is a published author, book midwife, spiritual mentor, and practical mystic. Brent BlackLion Nelson is a spiritual mentor, play pastor, and creative spark. Together we founded Feline Dreamers, where spirituality powers your daily life. For more than a decade, we’ve been drumming together for festivals, events, and rituals. With our transformational percussion, guided meditations, inspired writings, and playful interactive workshops, we craft a sacred space that encourages you to access your connection to your deepest inner wisdom. Allowing spirituality to power your daily life will bring huge rewards: clarity, peace of mind, creativity, and a deeper connection to your community, to name just a few. Discover our insights in person, in writing, and online at http://www.felinedreamers.com/

💢 $2 includes refreshments provided by Flourish,  individual fees for services

💥 An energy filled evening w/ a showcase of Healing Arts 💥

💖 Treat yourself to a night of nurturing💖

💖 Make this a regular part of of your self care program! 💖

💥 Bring some friends & make it a fun gathering! 💥

Choose from an array of mini-sessions of Flourish Healing Arts


Massage & Polarity w/ Cal Clark LMT, CRP Present Moment Bodywork and Well Being, Cal Clark LMT, CPP

Flower Essence Energy sessions with Martha Fishback

Reflexology w/ John Bryson


We have some wonderful Healing Salves from Stone Gate Farm  

and doTerra essential oils in our shop, check them out !


A Fabulous evening of Divination, live music & good company & refreshments!

Psychic Soiree 

Friday  July 13 th – 6PM-10 PM

 $5 at the door, (individual fees for readings, products and services).




Summer Solstice Sound Healing Journeywork ~

June 22, 2018  7-9 PM

$25 pre register $30 at the door space is limited!

RSVP 508-728-4984

Experience Sound Healing Journeywork with Master Musician & Sound Healer Ben Carroll.  Using the sounds of singing bowls, voice, solfeggio tubes, Ben will guide us to go deep within ourselves with the intention of reconnection to our higher self and strengthening our own intuition and inner knowing.  Healing and releasing can occur as you tap into higher states of consciousness, allowing for states of bliss & ecstasy!

We recommend that you dress warm & comfy, and bring a water bottle, and a journal if you are called to.  whatever you will be comfortable.  As you will be lying down on the floor for an extended period of time , please bring whatever you need to be comfortable such as a yoga mat, pillows,  and blanket.




Flourish Faire & Emporium -Eclectic Artisans Showcase

Saturdays – 10 AM – 2 PM

Eclectic Artisans Showcase every Saturday from 10 am – 2 pm. A fab revolving array of Artistry including doTerra Essential Oils, crafted Teas from Nellie’s Tea Company, Driftwood Sculptures/Air-plants, Acrylic Paintings and Ceramics by Maribeth Amber, ArtPhotography & Jewelry from Fran’s, Reflexology Sessions w/ John Bryson, Artisan Blended Essential Oils from Green Thinking, Painted Beach Stones by Suzen of Raven’s Studio, Jewelry/T-shirts/ by Bearly Inspirational!, Chakra Mandala Art by Jeannine Burgess, Jewelry by Moonshadow, Ekka Naigle Ceramics.


Astrology Sessions At Flourish

Astrologer Laura Tucker offers a variety  astrology readings-




Saturdays from 10-2 PM Laura offers Astro Logical Readings, $5 for 10 minutes.




doTerra  Essential Oil

When you choose doTERRA, you are choosing essential oils gently and carefully distilled from plants that have been patiently harvested at the perfect moment by experienced growers from around the world for ideal extract composition and efficacy.

Each doTERRA essential oil is also carefully and thoroughly tested using the strict CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® quality protocol. Experienced essential oil users will immediately recognize the superior quality standard for naturally safe, purely effective therapeutic-grade doTERRA essential oils.

While there is a science to the distillation of essential oils, it is also an art. Distillers not only rely on years of experience, they also employ modern technologies and techniques.

The most common method of extracting essential oils is a low-heat steam distillation process. In this process, pressurized steam is circulated through plant material. The essential oils are liberated from the plant and carried away by the steam. When the steam cools, the water and oils naturally separate and the oil is collected. To ensure the highest quality oil extract with the correct chemical composition, the temperature and pressure must be closely monitored. Too little heat or pressure and the oil will not release; too much, and the oil’s composition and potency will be affected.

We have many of the most commonly needed essential oils to keep you healthy & happy. We sell terra shield in both a spray bottle and oil form for all those nasty bugs !  We also carry a variety of diffusers, a great way to keep the air healthy during the pollen season.